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Audi 100 typ 43: valve adjusting..

Hi Q-List,

On my car (2.2 litre, 5 cyl, 136 hp, 05-1982, 240000 km's) I thinks it will be 
needed to adjust the valves, as this hasn't been done for the last 120000 km's 
(as I owned the car myself)..

I never did it before, as the correcting is by applying shims (on my previous car 
I succesfully did adjusting 'screw-adjusting' (I don't recall the correct name for 

Would you think it is possible to do it yourself?
I do have a Haynes manual on this type of car, and comparable German 
manuals, so the procedure should be clear..
(Chris Miller stated it to be possible on a VW)
I think a problem is the assortment of needed shims, I suppose dealers have 
the complete assortment at hand and I will have to measure the needed 
thicknesses and order these.. quite uncomfortly..

Would it be wise to let 'adjustment: yes or no' depend on the compression rate 
of the engine?? I do have a compression tester, so if readings are within limits 
indicated in the manuals: is adjustment needed then?????

Maybe the tech kids will have relevant thoughts on this?!

Robert Willemsen