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RE:Audi 100 typ 43 : McPherson stuts, damper

     Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 07:31:16 +0000
     From: "Robert Willemsen" <robwill2@wxs.nl>
     Subject: Audi 100 typ 43 : McPherson stuts, damper

     Dear Q-List,

     On my typ 43 model, I want to change the dampers built in the
     McPherson front


     Yes, you can do it without the tool.  On my '83 5kT I changed the
     dampers from the top.  I used a 18" Channel-Lock pliers to grab the
     retaining nut from underneath.  I turned the wheel to one lock and put
     the pliers in between the spring coils.  You will probably have to
     move the rubber bellows that protects the strut shaft.  It took some
     good Audi-style grunting, but it was easier overall than removing the
     assembly.   Good Luck!

     Charley DePenning
     '84 GTI
     '83 5kT
     '73 C10