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Re: Ur-Q collectability

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From: Dave Aukerman <mhauk@ccsdana.net>
>Exsqueeze me?  The day the Ur-q becomes a collectible is the day I win the
>Tour de France.
Amazing number of dealer ads in the UK contain the words 'collectors car'.

> UK 20V Ur-Q owners being afraid of driving their car in the rain. Huh?
Would I
>like to own an Ur-Q. . .sure but not at the price of admission that some
>people think they are worth.
I upset (big-time) a 20V owner a few months back - we were discussing an ad
in the UK newsletter that was asking 20K GBP for a 20V. My opinion was (and
still is) that a 20V isn't worth that sort of money, his reply was that it
was the rarety value and that he had paid 19K GBP for his 20V only a year
earlier, to which I replied "Bollocks" and proceeded to inform the guy just
how many bricks short of a full load I considered him to be, pointing out
the Performance car article that had a 20V for sale at around 8K GBP.

Jim Haseltine.