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S4 Starting Problem

Well here is a good mechanical question I hope you all can help me
with.  I have a 94 S4 that has been in a serious accident, Front end and
slight roll.  I have the car 90% finished.  I cannot get the car to
start.  The fuel pump is good (bypassed pump power) and I seem to get
some current to the plug on the fuel pump, but no fuel pressurel.  I'm
wondering if Audi's have a cutoff switch to keep the pump from running
in the event of a rollover.  If it does, does anyone know where it is?
I dont have the Bentley manual yet but Im going to have to get one
(anyone have one for sale?).  I also have a mystery wire on the driver
side frame rail, two wires, black and brown (vauge, I know)  I think its
for the air bag sensors, which Im not worried about, but worry it might
have something to do with the fuel power issue.  Any Ideas???  In
stumped!  Thanks for any help...