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Urquattro(s) for sale (again)

After almost giving up hope since losing out on the only RR in Finland in
November, today became a record-breaking day: three different Urq's for
sale here in Finland (maybe even more that I haven't uncovered).  I've used
all my Audi contacts and other possibilities up and thought that I'd have
to start looking outside of the country.  Well, today there were 1982, 1985
and 1988 Urq's listed for sale.  The 1985 car, which looked so immaculate
in the photo was sold when I clued in around 4pm (the early bird gets the
worm), the 1982 car does not really interest me (it'd have to be pretty
special for me to get a non-Torsen Urq), abd the guy selling the 88 (I
assume it to be MB) would not answer his cell phone.  He wants to trade for
something else, so I should have that covered (120 used cars in

Sooo, tomorrow (again) is the big day.  I will not hesitate this time,
given he did not sell the darn thing today already.  For what it's worth,
the guy is asking 129 000 FIM for it.  I guess at this point, to defend my
sanity, I must remind that these cars were around 500 000 FIM new.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland