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Re: Smashed 89 200T

Larry Mittell wrote:
> I'm not a collision repair expert in any sense of the phrase, but it sure
> sounds like a total. If you want to get the car back on the road, be aware
> that when an insurer assumes title, they will normally kill the
> registration by duly informing the state DMV that the car has been wrecked.
> It is then essentially impossible to re-register the car, even if it's
> repaired and roadworthy. At least that's the way it is here in California.
> I'd guess it's the same in many states. My insurer said my 5kcstq was
> technically a total, but arranged to cut me a check for the price of the
> used and aftermarket parts I'd managed to scrounge together and the labor
> for a body shop to install them, while allowing me to retain title to the
> car. That way I was technically the repairer, so they avoided the liability
> associated with authorization of repair with used parts.
> If I recall correctly, my insurer's criterion for a total was repair
> expenses exceeding 80% of *wholesale* bluebook. So with the dear prices of
> new parts from Audi, it doesn't take much damage to total a Quattro. In the
> case of my Q, the damage was limited to bolt-on parts-- headlights, grille,
> intercooler, and bumper cover. It's hard to imagine this constitutes 80% of
> the wholesale value, but believe me, it does.
> OTOH, if you will be parting out the car, it doesn't matter; all this is
> purely academic. Good luck no matter what you decide to do. I know how
> badly you must feel about it. Bummer!
> At 03:33 PM 2/6/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >I need some opinions from any bodyshop people on the list. Last night I was
> >at a dead stop on the 405 when some idiot rear-ended my 200T at 65mph. I am
> >VERY happy that I own an Audi. The inner fender of the right rear wheel is
> >rubbing on the tire. When I looked in the trunk, the frame rail is folded
> >several times. What does it take for the insurance adjuster to total out the
> >vehicle ? The RR 1/4 is bulging out and the RR door gap is now not there. I
> >just put a new trans and diff in this car !!! I would like it totaled out
> >and I will by it back from the ins. CO. any info would be appreciated
> >
> >TIA
> >Kevin Baisley
> >kbaisley@earthlink.net
> >Sore  89 200T pearl
> Cheers,
> Larry Mittell
> 87 5kcstq
> 89 200tqw
> lmittel@ibm.net

	In Virginia I was able to register a repaired '90 100 that had been 80%
totalled; the catch was it shows on the title as a salvage vehicle,
which is fine with me because the price was good and I intend to keep
it.  i.e. find out what the rules are in your state before going