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Re: (Fwd) WTB: Left Door Handle for 84 Coupe GT

> Anyone have a (U.S.) driver's side door handle
> for a 4000/COupe GT that's not broken and might
> be for sale?

This is a high wear part on all Audis.  Anyone with a decent one (ie
almost new) in a parts car will probably want to keep it.  They last
about 60k miles IME.  Get a new one and move the tumbler over to keep
using your old key.  Maybe $60 for Audi?  Less if you want to buy a VW
unit.  I think I did, about $40.  Shop around as well.  It's not worth
saving a few $ on a used one just to replace it more often, the coupe
handle is a pita to replace.

Huw Powell