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Windshield cleaning

Saw this one on "Shadetree Mechanic" on the TNN network (good show, BTW):

Bon Ami cleaner. Buy it at your local supermarket. Powdered cleaner in a
cardboard can.

For whatever reason (maybe the particles are very, very fine), it is not
too abrasive. I tried it, and it works great. It takes everything off...
grease, bugs, Rain-X, etc. I have a can of it in my garage, next to all my
other cleaners, waxes, etc. 

Use it when washing your car ('cuz it's a bit messy... you need to wash it
off with a hose). Wet the window, sprinkle some on, and use a paper-towel
(or clean rag) to wipe. Then hose it off. It's amazing how clean the window
is afterwards.

Warning: Make sure you use Bon Ami... not Ajax or other powdered cleanser.
They said that only Bon Ami won't scratch the glass.

Usual Disclaimer... yada, yada, yada. No, I don't own stock in Bon Ami... :-)

Steve Mills wrote:
> You Wrote:
> >Question three: Some time ago there was a thread on getting Rain-X off your
> >windshield. Well, wife bought some and I told her "Don't use this crap -
> >you'll never get it off!" so she didn't - BUT a friend of hers detailed her
> >car and guess what - now she knows what I was talking about - STREAK
> >CITY!!! How do you get rid of this crap?????
> Mike:
>         I just came from a glass shop where they used a silicone-based
> to help install a particularly stubborn window. The glass guy said that he
> avoids using it if at all possible for obvious reasons.
>         Anyway, he had some industrial strength ("don't get this on the
> cleaner he used to pre-clean the silicone before flushing w/water and then
> cleaning with normal window cleaner. Took it right off. You might call a
> couple glass shops and see if they'll tell you what they use and/or help
> you out.

I do some engineering work with some very stout silicone-based
DowCorning greases. Plain old mineral spirits is a solvent for most of

      Jim Griffin