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12v owners

As the owner of a '92 100S with a near-flawless (oops... hope the Audigods
don't hear me!!) 141k miles, I'm game. There are lots of us with this
engine/tranny/body combo (incl. the 90)... who have certainly BTDT on a lot
of issues. Also, there are lots of us who have done mods... even some crazy
enough to do so at over 100k miles (i.e. ME!!)... so there would be a
benefit to share the experiences.

I even have space to host the pages, if someone wants to help/do the html
work and send it to me.

I'm currently uns*bbed, so if there is continued conversation, or you wish
to respond, please e-mail me at:

quattro@pobox.com (yep, all you POBOX users.... I'm the one who has that
name set aside!!)

If anyone cares to see my car/web site... here's the URL (sorry, this is
via laptop at work, so it's not in my sig):


      Jim Griffin