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Re: tranny swap, please advise.

> I have a '90 VW Fox GL 4-dr sedan with a 4-speed transmission.  I am 
> in the market for a new transmission and a friend has an '83 Quantum 
> with a 5-speed transmission he thinks will fit.  Will it?
> please advise.

If the Quantum is also a 4-cylinder model, then yes it should fit.
Make sure the donor car has a type 013 5-speed transmission.  You
can also source the type 013 from various years of Audi 4000 4-cylinder
cars.  There are variations of the 013 trannies out there, with
different gear and final drive ratios.  This is specified by a two-letter
code, such as 2P, 2M, 2N, MV, etc.  You should do your homework
and find one that will work well with your particular engine's power

To do the tranmission swap, you also need the whole shift mechanism
from a 5-speed Fox (all linkages, the shift box, shift rod, etc).
You *may* also need the transmission rear support bracket and mount.

Good luck,

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