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Fwd: Removing Rain-X

You wrote
>BonAmi scouring powder will get it off.  Although I've been a Rain-X user
>for over a decade and have to believe that you just haven't been applying
>it correctly.  We have a car that has never been Rain-X'd that has the 
>same streaking and smearing problems that the old car on which much of 
>the Rain-X has worn off has.  So my bet is either the application didn't
>go right or you forgot how bad regular is.
One thing I've found when one is using Rain-X one needs to replace one's
wipers every six months.  Rain-X apparently softens rubber and causing the
wipers to streak.  Also it is very important to apply Rain-X to a perfectly
clean windscreen otherwise you will seal dirt and "film" into the coating.
I've stopped using Rain-X and am trying another windscreen treatment.  So
far, no streaks and my wiper blades are still fine.