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Re: Alarm works!

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brett Dikeman say:

> > I had exactly the same scenario.  Just bought a car, the alarm did not work,
> > got new batteries for the remote etc., but no luck, my Alpine 8040 alarm
> > still doesn't work.
> Heheh...try that with a new A6 or A8!  Won't work!  The alarm keychain
> uses a rolling code system(no code is transmitted twice) and if the
> keychain transmitter gets out of sync with the car(for example, if the
> remote is pressed when out of range of the car!) it will cease to function
> and both car and remote must be re-sync'd by the dealer!

I don't have the remote entry on my A6, but I think it can
be resync'd by the owner with a little song-n-dance.


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