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MB, not Audi, but a little Audi

My new boss and I chat cars from time to time, he knows I love
Audis, and occasionally pumps me for information about the new A4s.
He talks intermittently about his 10-year-old Honda, and the other
car he has, and some of his $500 boy-racer finds in college.

Anyway, we're going to lunch the other day, and he volunteers
to drive. We're walking down the parking lot to the boonies,
and I see two cars: a 10-year-old Honda, and a BEAUTIFUL white
Mercedes S-Class, showroom new.

Then I saw the three-point star on his key. He was holding out on me!

He wants to replace the Honda with an A4Q because he hates the
Honda, but his wife doesn't like the big S-class.


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