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alarm on a6

From: Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net>
> Heheh...try that with a new A6 or A8!  Won't work!  The alarm keychain
> uses a rolling code system(no code is transmitted twice) and if the
> keychain transmitter gets out of sync with the car(for example, if the
> remote is pressed when out of range of the car!) it will cease to function
> and both car and remote must be re-sync'd by the dealer!
> Brett

do you mean the unlock button or the "panic" alarm button on the

we've had the new a6 since last november.  both my wife and i have the
remote keychain transmitters and usually the person driving opens the car.
the transmitters, as you probably know, are keyed to the driver seat memory 
and each one of us has our own, very different preferred seat positions.
it's convenient and pleasant to open the door and have the seat be *just
right*.  so unless the rolling sequence is kept separately for each
controller, we'd be locked out of the car.

the other observation is that we both tend to push the unlock button too
far away from the car and on occasion, in a dark parking lot, used the 
unlock button to hunt for the car -- just look for the car blinking the
lights in responce to a button push... 

which suggests to me that either the car and the remote(s) resync somehow,
or that there is some other protocol between them.
Oleg Kiselev                                        oleg at veritas dot com
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