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Look at another 5kcstq

Tonight I took another trip to see an '87 5kcstq, this one with 116k
miles. It passed on the counts of no aftermarket wheels and no Oregon
plates (CA car). (The Oregon cars are indeed labeled for the US but not
for CA, so they get the smog impact fee.) The interior was in pretty good
shape and the engine felt strong. 

On the downside, the brake bomb is dead (I explained it to the seller, but
he was not convinced that it was cause for concern) and the seller could
not recall replacing the timing belt, water pump, steering rack or pump,
clutch master/slave cylinders, or whatever else I thought of. And the
radio isn't working, and it's got one really lousy tire that shakes the
steering wheel at low speeds. He has been taking it to an Audi dealer for
service, but why didn't they tell him to change the timing belt or replace
the bomb? 

This brings me back to my friend's 212k-mile, pearl white, Fuchs-equipped
'87, which has been so well serviced. I'm leaning towards getting it
instead. A new wheel bearing or two (if that's indeed what it needs) won't
be all that expensive, and I'm beginning to wonder if I was wrong about it
being slower than other 5kcsq's. Hmm. Do the turbos start going out at
that mileage?

I broke down and ordered the Bentley a few days ago (they shipped it in
just one day after the order), so I'll get it tomorrow. Should be fun
reading material. And that means I'm (almost) definitely getting a 5kcsq,

- Wallace White
  seeking the perfect 5kcstq cheap