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RE: Spring/Shock Combo's

If you want less/no roll with a supple ride for soaking up the bumps then go with stiffer bars and stock or relatively mild springs & struts, IMFO. Don't lower the car if you want a nice ride and ability to handle nasty bumps - suspension travel is your friend here - let the anti-roll bars do the work of controlling lean for a good ride.


> I was wondering about ride quality and handling.  I like the ride
> quality of the car as it is.  I DON"T like the handling (read: body
> roll) and I wouldn't mind lowering the car an inch maybe.  Perhaps the
> way to go is new (stiffer) sway bars and Strut brace, stock type
> shocks and HR springs.  I definitely don't want a teeth chattering
> driving experience, so I would forgo lowering the car an inch to avoid
> this.
Opinions Appreciated,

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> Gary M. Lewis
> 1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   195,000 miles 1.8 bar
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