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Re: Crazy Idea No.2

Lewis, Gary M wrote:
> I believe that the 89 and later MC's had 8.4:1 compression.  Was this
> accomplished through the head or piston?  If the pistons are 8.4:1, I
> would be looking at 89 and up MC's for more compression.  Putting in
> non-turbo parts scares me.  The turbo motors seem to have been built
> stouter than NA.

The later MC engines with 8:4 to 1 used different pistons. 034 107 065 P
instead of the 034 107 065 E. It looks like the same cylinder head is
listed for the later MC's although some change was made at KN043131
whereas the high compression MC piston change occurred at KN038263 along
with the camshaft.

Some of the N/A Audi engines share parts with the turbo engines, if I
remember correctly the 20V N/A engine in the Coupe Q uses the same
crankshaft as the 1991 200TQ 20V engine. It would be interesting to sort
out all the differences and put together a matrix showing all the
similarities and differences between the N/A and Turbo Audi engines.

Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ
1988 5000TQ
1966 VW Beetle