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Bomb prices.

An unamed  Import WD, has dealer cost on this part, the price Audi
Dealers pay for it, as $279.59, and suggested list at 417.30. I know
Blau, or any other retailer with the right connections and relationship
with their sales person,pay less than dealer cost for this part. I
personally would be happy to get a whole bunch off  of list. If they
sell em cheap enough, maybe they can go out of business, and then you
can try to get the Audi agency to give you that kind of price. These
guys are only there because Audi, and all the other car companies make
it possible for them to do business by giving  the consumer "The
Business".  Some people believe the guy on TV when he says," Come on
down, we`re movin` em out. We lose money on every deal, but we make it
up on volume!"  I thank you for your time. John
Larson<jdlarson@ix.netcom.com> Who pulled HIS chain?