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camber/caster plates for S4/S6/200? vote here

I have a friend in California who has a racing parts biz who may be
interested in building a dozen or so camber/caster plates at a time  for
S4/S6 (is 100/200 same strut tower geometry?).

He's looking into this week, to assess whether he can build it with good
enough weather seals for the new bearing that would replace the stock
rubber piece.  Otherwise, he would only recommend for racing apps. 
Budgetary figure is about $200 a side, but could be +or -.

He's fabricated plates  for quite a few apps.

The main app for S-cars is track days.  Dialing in several degrees of neg
camber is worth a few seconds a lap, esp great improvements  with DOT race

Email me with interest level.