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Re: Brake upgrades 200Q or S-car; Any 17" BigRed-fitting wheels?

Before getting into the thread below on brakes, does anyone have a proven
brand/model of a 17x8 wheel that is known to fit over twin turbo porsche
bigred brakes on the S-car ('92 S4) or '91 200TQ which should be similar
enough to S4 fitment.  TSW Trophy has been proven by Frank Amoros. Others? 
I have to decide in the next couple days.

by Leigh
>There is a just-as-powerful-and-lighter  brembo caliper that fits 16"
>wheels but it is $850 a side just for the caliper or about $450 more per
>side than the bigreds.

Message text written by INTERNET:audi-s-cars@emailsol.com
> I like the idea of the monoblock, but I
take it with a grain of salt as some of it may be marketing hype.
Regardless, get us more info on the "just-as-powerful-and-lighter" and
smaller caliper. This strikes me somewhat as a panacea as a majority of the
braking performance derives directly from the mass of the rotor, how much
heat it can generate and how efficiently it can recover, nevertheless I am
always open to new information.<

The 996 caliper is smaller  and lighter, it's rotor is slightly smaller and
less thick 318 vs. 322. The pad area is 82% of the bigred  450 vs. 552. 
However, the rotor has an integrated hat, so can't be used for other
fitments, also more expensive than bigreds i've been told.  

The "gold" caliper i stopped chasing down because it was $450 more PER side
than bigreds, so I never got the rotor specs.... and bigreds are great so i
bit the bullet and am selecting a 17" wheel as we speak.  For lack of other
proven choices I may end up with Trophys and S-02s, which i like the
looks/performance of.

993 non twin-turbo brakes are an option to consider as they might fit 16"
wheels, but they are ?somewhat more expensive than 993TT bigreds and have
76% of the bigreds pad area.  the vanilla 993 rotor is 304x32.  would need
to have hats/adapters done, unless someone has them or if some of the
bigred adapters would fit, (perhaps as the width of the rotor is the same).
Would be a vast improvement over G60s and 993 brakes are better than lots
of Porsches brakes on the street today.   To save having to buy 17"new
wheel and tire $$ is nice.  Other people have done more rx than I on other
16" brake options.