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re: Subject: Need Mt Washington information!!

You wrote:
<<<Could anyone tell me when the Mount Washington Race is to take place.  
Is there a list group going?


The '98 Audi Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds race is June 26-28 (race is on
Sunday the 28th), in Gorham, New Hampshire.

The New England chapter of the Quattro Club of America (NEQ) is sponsoring a
corral area at the mountain for audi owners to gather and park during the race
and practice runs.   It's a lot of fun to meet other audi fanatics and fellow
list members (and their cars).  Last year we had about 50; this year we'd like
to get double that.  Plus, the T-shirts are great!

More details about the event may be found at:
http://www.borg.com/~neq/hill98.htm#NEQ Corral 98

You must register before the event; see the above page for details.
Registration ends soon!

I've got photos from last year, details on places to stay in nearby Jackson
NH, and other information on the Mt. Washington page off my home page at:

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com