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Re:Quantum Syncro

go buy a copy of European Car magazine, and start calling the vendors.
Matt Rooke

>My name is Michael Larue
>I own a 1985 VW quantum syncro sw. I know that it is not an Audi
>quattro, but it has the same drive train as an Audi 4000 quattro.  I
>was wondering if anybody could give me some information on some
>performance parts such  as turbo conversions (which one would be
>best) , performance springs, cam shafts, exhaust, etc. I love this
>car and I want to make it even more fun. I work as a VW tech at a
>dealership in washington state. so I will be installing everything
>myself. VW dosen't offer much as far as performance parts for this
>car. Quantum 5 cyl all wheel drive VWs are somewhat rare around here.
>any help would be great! my e mail address is larue71@aol.com