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98.5 vs 97 A4 1.8tq ECU

I'll keep this simple - if you have a '97 A4 1.8t and haven't had the
dealer replace the ECU with the latest one, DO IT.

I just had mine done at 15k mile service because of a cold hesitation
problem (this is common).  The dealer also replaced the spark plugs
(supposedly part of the TSB).  The car is transformed!  A lot of the
characteristics I had blamed on the auto trans were fixed....acceleration
is much better, car runs smoother, it doesn't hesitate between gears (or
when downshifting), and of course the cold hesitation is gone.  Feels like
it has another 20 hp.  This is my non-car-savvy wife's daily driver, and
she noticed the difference immediately and hasn't stopped raving about it yet.

I bet a lot of tuner chips for the 1.8t are getting the credit for much of
the improved performance that is available simply by replacing the stock
chip with the new stock one..........SLM

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