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Re: kaboom!

At 01:12 PM 5/23/98 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>Yep, I think the bomb on my "new" 91 200q is completely toast.  Hence my
>complaints about "jeez, this car's brakes suck" :|
>How did I find it?  Got in the car this morning, fired it up, messed around
>with a piece of hose(aka cheap steth) to find out what was making a very
>annoying tik-tik-tik noise(think it's the PS pump, since it was loudest
>from around there) and out of curiosity, shut the car off and pumped the
>brake pedal.  Rock solid. "HUh?"  Pump it some more("maybe I've got it
>backwards, hard to soft, not soft to hard?)
>Start car.  Brake light is on.  "Huh?"  Wait a few seconds.  Light goes
>out.  Press brake pedal, hard.  Sinks to the floor, while pulsing at the
>end, and brake light comes on, then goes off again.  Repeat.  Light comes
>on each time, then goes right out again.

Sure sounds like a bad bomb, but one other statement bothers me - 'Sinks to
the floor'.  Brake pedal should never sink to the floor unless something is
wrong....sounds like either a leak in the brake system somewhere, bad
rubber hose, or bad master cylinder.  Not to be an alarmist, but your
situation sounds rather dangerous brake-wise..........SLM

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