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RE: 85 URQ for sale - how many 85 ur-q?

>>Damn, another realist in our midst.  The not for sale at any price line 
>>gets old.  It insults my intelligence to think that others are incapable 
>>of figuring out nicer cars can be containered from Europe and 
>>Federalized for a lot less than "any price"

> Hey man, I take offense to this comment. My '85 is positively not for sale
>nor do I need to sell it to "figure out" there are a lot  of better european
>cars to be "Federalized". I intend to own many cars and not settle for one or
>another. I already own three.
 >Should I decide to sell my quattro I am logical enough to know what to ask
>for it. The point is, it is not for sale at any price short of something very

I think Anton makes a good point.  I absolutely would sell my 85 UrQ, 
but not at the current "market" price.  So "officially" and "practically"
it's "not for sale".  Someone would have to want it more than me.
(If you think you do, make me an offer!)

 And I should point out, I'm not keeping it because I think
it will be worth big bucks someday:  I'm driving it 120 miles daily. I 
simply can't replace it with anything I'd like better at even twice 
what I paid for it.

On the Federalization issue:
I was actively involved with some grey-marketing back in the mid-80's.
It was pretty easy to bring in a non-emissions-certified car (a once
per person per lifetime waiver) and get it DOT-certified (fairly easy on the 
UrQ by using 83-85 US-spec parts) I  understand that the waiver has 
now been discontinued, making emissions cert the hard (and expensive)

However, if somebody finds out it can still be done for a reasonable fee, then
I'll need to talk to Phil....

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
85 UrQ... for now :-)