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re: Loud Exhaust

<<The sound is most apparent at idle and around 2k rpm and disappeares once I
pass the 3k rpm or the boost climbs up. It also gets louder as the engine
warms up.>>

I don't have any experience with Walkers on Audi's, but you have 
accurately described the inherent sound control in a Walker Super
Turbo.  I run these on my Corvair and absolutely LOVE the sound.
Since the Corvair has no cats (of any sort... I do have a Chihuahua, 
however)  and the Walkers were designed for use cat-back, the 
volume and tone are _impressive_.

I'm going to put a pair on my Dart GT (273 hipo) for the same reason.

I have also used Walkers on S**B and V*lv* Turbos behind factory
cats.  Though the volume and tone were MUCH lower, the sound
versus rpm were just as you described.  If yours is REALLY loud, 
I'd suspect the cat has been "customized".

Anyway, since the sound goes away @3,000 rpm... why do you 
mind?  ;-)

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
Lots of old cars, lots of loud exhausts, lots of unhappy neighbors