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Re: 85 URQ for sale - how many 85 ur-q?

GaidosIII wrote:

> >Damn, another realist in our midst.  The not for sale at any price
> line
> >gets old.  It insults my intelligence to think that others are
> incapable
> >of figuring out nicer cars can be containered from Europe and
> >Federalized for a lot less than "any price"
>  Hey man, I take offense to this comment. My '85 is positively not for
> sale
> nor do I need to sell it to "figure out" there are a lot  of better
> european
> cars to be "Federalized". I intend to own many cars and not settle for
> one or
> another. I already own three.
>  Should I decide to sell my quattro I am logical enough to know what
> to ask
> for it. The point is, it is not for sale at any price short of
> something very
> unreasonable.
> Anton

Yeah, but that "unreasonable" price comes down when there's a hell of a
deal on a Porsche or another quattro to be had.  I've got the '83 and
'85 Urq's and suddenly I'm thinking that they should be sold if I can
acquire a particular modified S6 wagon....

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