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Re: weird car

>hey all, sorry for the caps in the title, i just needed your attention.  
>I was talking to a guy last night on aol and he was telling me about his 
>1987 Coupe GT Turbo Quattro.
>He swore that the quattro was factory, that perhaps the turbo was 
>aftermarket, that it had fender flairs, 4 lugs on the wheels, coupe gt, 
>turbo and quattro emblems, audi rings on the door, electronic instrument 
>cluster, and the diff locks inside.
>What in the hell is this thing?  Has anyone ever heard of it?

AOL, dude. Built in bullshit generator. You haven't heard about the 40 year
old guys who are magically turned into 14 year old girls on AOL? Same thing
happened with your virtual friend's Audi ...or more likely Pontiac Sunbird!