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audi 4000 quattro turbo conversions

hey all- especially pat martin,sean upchurch, pete kunzler/duane hale, alex
neckas, tim from california, and anybody else with a turbo 4000q!!!
Oh yeah pat do you have the long post of your turbo conversion still? can
you send that to me please.
I am just about to post my audi 4000 quattro web page, but need 4000 tq
pictures and articles. Anybody who has undergone the conversion, please give
me some pictures, perferably before, during and after the project and a
write up of engine you used, 10vt or 20vt money spent, other upgrades, and
anything else you can think of. If you have a NA 4000q that you think
deserves a spot let me know too!

thanks and sorry if you cannot understand this it is 1:00am!