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FW: Overfilled V8, need a

 -=> Quoting Lewis Schnaper <=-

 RSP> Hi.  I'm the new owner of a 92 V8 and am still in the phase where I'm
 RSP> a little intimidated by the "new" hardware..  

 RSP> Yesterday the oil change place overfilled the engine (to a little over
 RSP> the top of the little plastic limit marker on the dipstick).  Today
 RSP> I've got a small puddle on the garage floor and a little bit of burning
 RSP> oil on hard running.

      Don't EVER, EVER, take a car you care anything about, least
      of all a V8 Quattro to an "oil changed place".  They don't
      know their ass from their elbow on Ford Escorts and you
      trust them with your V8Q??

 RSP> Some questions:

 RSP> Is oil coming out of a breather somewhere or (sigh) have I blown a
 RSP> seal??

 RSP> Is it safe to drive it like this (till I can get it back to the shop
 RSP> that did the work on Monday) or should I have it reduced asap?

 RSP> I'd appreciate a direct reply.

      There are several well documented leak spots on the V8Q,
      take an afternoon and check the archives for Quattro. At
      best the place left the filter loose, screwed up your
      oil drain plug, spilled oil all over the place when
      changing it, replaced the old filter when they found
      out that they didn't stock the filter, and so on.
      First place to look would be the breather hoses that
      run under the air filter, they are usually rotted, then
      the usual places you'd look for a leak on any other car.

      My friends Foreign Repair shot did 2 Mercyless Benz's
      last week for the local Quicky Oil Change
      Place.  A Mercyless Diesel to the tune of $5000 because
      they stripped the oil filter bolt and all the oil pissed
      out. The other was a newer Benz, instead of hydraulic
      oil, they refilled/topped off the hydraulic reservoir
      with a half gallon of brake fluid...$3500, they
      didn't want to pay, but they made the mistake of
      charging the customer for the brake fluid on the

      If you're not up to doing the work yourself, find a good
      reputable independent Audi mechanic with V8 Quattro
      experience to work on the car.  You own a car that
      most people have never heard of, can't recognise when
      they see it, didn't know existed in the first place,
      is put together like no other, and you take it to
      a quickie oil change place?  It's like going to
      Vet if you need a checkup, instead of an MD.



      '90 V8Q
      '84 5KS
      '66 Stang, coming out of storage next weekend

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