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i'm selling my car!!! grrr!

driving home tonight, by voltage light came on.  no problem i thought,
this has happened before because i'm having other problems.  i'll shut
the a/c off and finish the short drive home.  then the lights started
getting dim.  i'm on a major road in boston, wrong place to break down.
and i KNOW it's gonna happen soon, so i start making my way to the right
side.  car sputters, and i coast onto another street into a parking lot
within walking distance of my apartment.  walk home, get help (although
obviously the alternator is bad, so i don't know what i was planning to
do).  gone no more than 30 minutes.  get back, the car has been towed.
95 bucks to get it back.  no surprise that jumping it doesn't work.  as
soon as the cables are pulled the car stalls out.  so i pay another 45
bucks to have the car towed to my place TWO BLOCKS away!  now i have to
by an alternator and pop it in (luckily i can get parts at cost from
work).  anyway, i'm fed up.  i'm selling.  so here is the question:  86
5kcst, non-quattro.  leaking bomb, bad throw out bearing, needs new
front struts, no right window or sunroof operation or right seat
adjustment operation.  other than that the car is tip top ;)  i'm
thinking about two grand.  sound reasonable?

tonight i'm tearing down the picture of my car previously affectionately
referred to as 8F-22 from my wall.