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'87 90q fuel pump woes

<<I've been told that cleaning the filter helps, but I think, judging by the
noise, that it's past that phase. It's in a relatively easy place for
changing- at least mine's not submerged in carcinogenic fuel...>>

     I really think you should pull the pump out and check the screen on the
bottom.  With the tank almost empty it will be fairly easy.  You would only
need to be able to get the pump loose and turn it over in the tank to see the
screen.  Might not even have to take the hose loose....
     Just went through the same thing with my son's car.  The screen was so
clogged that the fuel pump was being overworked.  This is a separate issue
from working on the fuel filter.
     The procedure is on Scott Mockry's web site:  

     Marty Liggins
     87 5KTQ w/170K+ miles and S-knob
     87 5KTQ w/91 10v engine, K-24, QLCC, Scottmo wg spring, & adj. wg
     Coming soon to Bucksnort -- 84 4KSQ