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Re: Horn goes off when starting car on occasion

> Subject: Re: Horn goes off when starting car on occasion
> > Well, I've been dealing with this on the urq occasionally ... and now the
> > '85 4kQ does the same thing.  When starting the car the horn will begin to
> > sound without pressing the button.  I usually shut off the ignition switch
> > and try again and it will stop.  The problem seems like it might be tied to
> > low battery voltage.
> >
> > Has anyone else experienced this?

Here's a possibility.  We had the same problem on my '84
VW Vanagon.  When starting, the horn would honk and the starter
would sometimes stay engaged after the engine started and the key
was released.  We ruined two starters in quick succession.  Funny
thing was, it only happened when my wife started the van, never
to me.  She began to suspect that it was possessed and didn't
like her.  Then we noticed that her key ring had more keys on
it than mine, sometimes causing a key to slip into the opening
between the steering wheel and the plastic housing around the
ignition switch, shorting some contacts and causing weird
electrical things to happen.  The fact that it is happening
to you with two different Audis makes me suspect something like
this.  The next time it happens, see if a key is ending up
somewhere it shouldn't be.  Just a suggestion.