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RE: Horn goes off when starting car on occasion

Had it happen 2-3 times too, always when starting the car. Had to disconnect the horn leads in one case. Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it..... Mebbe a funky relay? I've ignored it as it happens rarely.


> Well, I've been dealing with this on the urq occasionally ... and now the
> '85 4kQ does the same thing.  When starting the car the horn will begin to
> sound without pressing the button.  I usually shut off the ignition switch
> and try again and it will stop.  The problem seems like it might be tied to
> low battery voltage.
> Has anyone else experienced this?

On two cars!!!!!! you've got some crazy stuff going on there!  Like, has
your cat been working on them while you're out?  Mine tried to put my
stock springs back in, the lowered ones made her playhouse hard to crawl

You don't live somewhere like that place in South Carolina where gravity
don't mean a thing, do you?

Huw Powell