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Shoulda stood in bed . . .

>Paul  Luevano" <prl@ptc.com>
>Subject: HELP! I made a big bobo
>	Saturday was a day I would love to redo.  . .  (tale of woe follows)

Yep, some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Sorry to hear about the Keystone Cops style fiasco in your driveway. 

You should be able to find a fender and a door at a u-pull-it parts yard
somewhere in your area. You don't want to go see an Audi-specific recycler,
because they know what these parts are worth. You want a good-old-boy,
pickup-with-gun-rack style junkyard (no flames intended, guys!), where an
Audi is just some funny looking furrin car.

There's a place about 5 miles from me which can be so described - prices
are $35 for a complete door and $30 for a complete fender. They usually
have a rotating stock of about 5 or 6 type 44 cars (5000 series), so there
are plenty of cars to choose from to get the best parts. The door unbolts,
but I think you have to grind off a rivet on the stop. Fender unbolts too,
but take your time because it seems to be glued at the rear and some of the
bolts/screws/fenders etc. are not in obvious locations.

At these prices, it pays to make a shopping list and do some serious

Can't help you on the bikes - sorry.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman