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Discussion, Please

This will probably start a new "thread from hell"....

In response to a revent inquiry about silicone brake fluid, Brett D. 
ocmmented that it is "imncompatible" with even small amounts of 
standard brake fluid.

This concerns me, as I have just finished draining the brake 
system and honing the brake cylinders on my long-dormant 1958 Fiat 
1200 Roadster.  I planned to use silicone brake fluid on re-assembly 
just to avoid condensation and oxidation during subsequent short 
storage periods.

However, I had not heard this comment before.  I am certain there are 
traces of brake fluid in the system.  I'm not sure how I would 
eliminate them, unless I did something creative like pouring a quart 
of denatured alcohol thru the system - which I am perfectly willing 
to do.

I welcome thoughts and (anatomically and logistically feasible) 

Al Powell                        
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