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Re: bra for an 85 4kq

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From: Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>
To: Fred Munro <munrof@isys.ca>; Mark L. Chang <mchang@ece.nwu.edu>
Cc: quattrolist <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Sunday, May 31, 1998 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: bra for an 85 4kq

>I would agree with this, but if i dont put the bra on the car, i have no
>way of protecting my fresh paint agains the multitude of bugs and stones
>that will be hitting the leading edge.  How much damage could be done by
>the bra if im only leaving it on for 2 days each way?
>it couldnt be worse than having a bunch of stone chips in the hood could
>Michael Sheridan Williams

Hi Michael;

    The only risk you are running with the bra is that the movement will
scuff the paint and dull the gloss. Two days shouldn't cause much problem.
If it does, you should be able to buff it out after the paint hardens up. It
is probably better than stone chips.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  253k km