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RE: Secret ninja death. (and a movie sighting)

I had a similar problem with an 83 4ks.  Turned out to be a bad solder
joint in the fuel pump relay.  Replaced fuel pump relay and no more
problems (until my younger brother wrecked the car :^(

chris perry

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Subject: Secret ninja death. (and a movie sighting)

Lately I have been experiencing sudden engine death, and a great deal of
difficulty starting afterward.  I have had some fuel problems in the
with this car, but it has been running great for many months.  I checked
the plug wires, and the coil wire, the distributor rotor and
contacts(brushes?) look okay too.  This death has happened once just
starting, and the next day after a 10 minute drive, when coming to a
The first time, I let it sit overnight, and it started great the next
morning, the next time(yesterday) I also let it sit overnight, but this
morning, I almost gave up starting it, and my last try succeded(whew!).
started it several more times this morning, without problems.  The
engine is
turning over fine, but not firing.  Once it does fire though, it starts
right up.  I would appreciate any and all BTDTs and hypotheses.  Thanks!


P.S.: In a "B" movie called "Day of the Warrior" there is a white 5ks
identical to mine.  Cool!