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Re: 88 5000s Climate Control - How cold is COLD?

AMZ wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for their replies to the first question about a/c blowing
> lukewarm air.  It brings to mind, however, the question, "Just how cold
> should COLD be?"
> As a test, I backed out of my relatively cool garage and put the a/c on LO
> (Auto).  The outside temp was 70+.  For the first few minutes, at least, the
> air was a pleasant spring breeze.  After a while, however, it just blew at
> "room temperature."
> For comparison, our '94 Jetta GLS becomes quite cold after running the a/c
> on full blast for a while.
> Am I just spoiled by a newer-technology a/c system?
On a good operating air conditioning Audi  the outlet temp after a
couple of minutes of compressor operation should be between 40 and 48 F.
Check heater valve ( you dont want hot water in the passenger
compartment) (vacuum actuated) make sure the recirculation flap is
closed (only use internal air).
Maka sure compressor is engaging ( some clutches receive the right
current to engage ...but the moving core is binding and does not close
the clutch gap) or clutch surface is worn out and the compressor
resistance causes the clutch to slip (very dangerous because the
overheating from the friction will rapidly "toast" the clutch.)
Also check the system for high and low pressures...check for leaks,
recharge if necessary and go !!!!