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re: do i have to get a bigger rollbar if i get the 2Bennett setu

Luis Marques <marques@rtis.ray.com> wrote:
> Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu> wrote:
> > Which brings up my situation.  Im installing the 2b coilover setup and
> > i  have to decide what height i want to run.  <snip> What do you guys
> > think?
> I have been running H&R springs on my 4kq for more than a year and a half
> now. They lowered the car about an inch and I haven't noticed any adverse
> side effects.  So I guess it is safe to lower your car at least an inch
> for everyday use, maybe a little more since your springs would be stiffer
> (I think) and wouldn't compress as much.

My old Coupe GT was "dumped", and when I bought my 16 x 7.5" wheels, I had 
to buy springs to put them on.  I had no problems, although I can't 
remember how long it was that low.  My front strut housings were modified 
to accept shorter Scirocco struts to prevent internal bottoming.

My friend had two '84 Coupe GT's sequentially, and they were both very, 
very low.  He had me shorten his rear axle on the second one to allow his 
15 x 7" wheels to tuck under the rear fender wells!  He never had 
problems, except for his CV joints going out, but I don't think he was 
able to attribute that directly to his ride height.  Even so, if you want 
to be low, and don't want to force your driveshafts into the transaxle for 
extended periods of time, you can have them shortened at a driveshaft 

These Coupes were that low mainly for appearance, although they actually 
handled very well.  I would imagine being higher would be more beneficial 
for true performance.  Those were the days...

Man, do they look good that low tho'.  I still have those short springs 
around, and I may put them on my Coupe for a short time just for fun when 
the AZEV's are on my 4ksq.

I imagine that when I get my coilovers on the 4ksq (and it runs), that I 
will spend some time being pretty low, until the novelty wears off.