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V8 Info


I have a '90 V8 that was manufactured in june of '90.

First thing check the date of manufacture in the
driver's door.  The later in the build cycle the better....

- Does it surge when you accelerate moderately ?

- Are the front disc's original UFO's ?

- Are there any hydraulic leaks ?  Steering Rack, P/S pump....

- Timing Belt, should change it at 60k, but car is 8 years old.
  I'd do it ASAP to be safe.  Cost if it breaks $5-6k....
- Price,  $8-11k or so, depending condition and mileage.

- Maintenance records,  If your uncle has all the records, scour through
  them.  There is probably a pile of receipts......  If there isn't I
  would be concerned.
Todd,  Feel free to call or e-mail directly.....

Included for comical relief :-)       Edmunds say's....


8 cyl 3.6 L Engine, Auto 4-Speed Transmission, Heated Rear Seats, Air Bag 
Restraint, Air Conditioning, Alarm System, Alloy Wheels, Anti-Lock
Brakes, ....."Auto Load Leveling,"  I don't think So :-).......
Cellular Telephone, Climate Control for AC, Cruise Control, ......
...."Digital Clock,"  I don't think So again... :-)  The voltage meter is 
swapped for a analog clock..........  Fog Lights, Heated Front Seats, 
Intermittent Wipers, Leather Seats, Leather Steering Wheel, ......"Power 
Antenna," some do and some don't..... (mine does)........ Power Brakes, Power 
Door Locks, Power Drivers Seat, Power Mirrors, Power Passenger Seat, Power 
Steering, Power Sunroof, Power Windows, Premium Sound System, ......"Rear 
Spoiler,"  Not stock is doesn't.....   Rear Window Defroster, Ski Sack, 
Tachometer, Tinted Glass, Trip Computer 

Mike LaRosa  (978) 442-1250
90 V8
89 100 Avant
76 Guzzi Convert