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RE: 85-87 4000q/coupe ?

> I just got a price from the dealer for the bottom piece, $77 or so.  It 
> even says in the fiche that it's cardboard.
...wow!  Many years ago the cardboard bottom radiator shroud on the qtc
disintegrated so I just ordered the replacement from the dealer.  I received
a plastic replacement part (bottom and right side if memory serves ...).
AFAIK the urq and 4kq/Coupe should be compatible here ... you might want to
try to get the same part for an urq.  If you'd like I can check the fiche
for the urq and tell you what the number is.  Unfortunately I've never been
able to come up with a 4kq fiche, so I can't do the comparison.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)