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Parts specials ...

... been doing a bit of surfing lately and found a couple things that might
be of general interest ...

tPC has got some interesting parts on their weekly special this week
(http://www.thepartsconnection.com) ... I'll spare the more mundane items;
but if I recall correctly, others have reported that to install a turbo
engine in a 4kq you need a left front tie rod from an urq ... if that is
indeed the case, tPC is closing them out for ~$40 (857 419 801D).

I also checked out the Impex sale (http://www.zstarr.com/impex/index.html)
and they've got "Nitro Balls" (AKA "bombs") for 5kTQs on sale for ~$210 (857
612 061B ... is what they say, but Carlsen says that is a bad number and 857
612 061C is a good one ... may want to check this).  I didn't contact them
as I picked one up from Blau for $10-$20 more a couple weeks ago ... I saw
some other posts that sounded like others may be looking.  BTW,  tPC has the
correct part number on special for ~$220 ...

I have no interest in either supplier ... just providing general info ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)