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AoA TT statement

Below is a response I received from Audi of America for an inquiry I periodically make to them regarding the S4.  While
the first part is the same boilerplate they've given for a while now, the 2nd part is the first
I've seen regarding the TT/ TTS.  I know there has been talk of this (audi-car.com, C&D, etc.) but now AoA is saying it.
I will ask whether a quattro model with the 1.8T engine will be available, but I suspect they will just repeat the last
sentence "... not yet determined".

Opinions regarding the appearance of the TT aside (I'm reserving judgement until I see one in the flesh), the
availability of a 2-door turbo quattro is to me a big deal.

I apologize if this old information, and would appreciate a post if anyone has more details, speculations, etc.

Matt Rooke

>We do expect to bring the beautiful S4 to North America during 1999, but
>that is all we can say at this time. Timing and details are still being
>determined. There is a group of fans awaiting the debut. We'll make a note
>to notify you of any information regarding the arrival of this model.
>You may also be interested in the Audi TT Coupe, which will be available in
>North America during early 1999 with the TTS Roadster following about six
>months later.  Specific timing and details have not yet been determined.