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Re: Advance advice


Your comments only apply to the turbo cars, correct? I can see some being
confused...perhaps it is I.


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> Subject: Advance advice
> Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 5:07 AM
> >All the talk on the list about advancing things made me try to fiddle
> >the distributor timing on my 87 5Kq. One problem: there is some sort of
> >plate rivited over the hold down bolt. Will I have to drill or chisel
> >top of the rivet off or is there some other way? Thanks.
> ------------------------------------------
> Couple things.  Advancing the cam requires a reset of -0- dist to -0-
> flywheel, or the car won't start.  Advancing the distributor will get you
> 2312 code, and the car won't start.  You only have +/- 2 degrees on the
> distributor tdc window, then you get error code.  Since the dist is
> electronic, the only reason to change it is for a cam advance/retard
> procedure.  You can remove the dist rivet (dremel cutoff wheel), or use a
> large pair of channel locks on the body of the dist (watch that plastic
> connector in the back!) with the clamp in place.  BTDT
> Scott Justusson