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RE:Need basic info on '90 V8 Q

Does anyone know how many '91 5 Speeds there are here?  Out of how many Auto
and 5 Speeds total?  Some one told me about 225 total and 25 were 5 speeds. 
Is this true.

TIA Shayne.
From: Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com>
To: "Lewis, Gary M" <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com>
Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: RE: Need basic info on '90 V8 Q
Date: Fri, Jun 05, 1998, 18:16

>> Are there any '90 V8 5 speeds in the US? That's news to me.
>I believe 79.  I know there is at least 1 'cause I saw it in my
>mechanics shop.
>> And for the Bose radio: AFAIK, this item is not usually overhauled,
>> but is
>> replaced with a remanufactured radio--obtained from any Audi dealer
>> for
>> less than $150 (a Qlister recently reported $120).
>I installed a Blaupunkt CD indash.  I didn't pick it so much because of
>sound quality (others sounded a _little_ better;  the blaupunkt still
>sounds good) because I got two amps running the speakers, so power's not
>an issue.  I selected it because it fit the dash, and looks factory.
>Everybody (Audiphile:  is there anybody else?)  who gets in my car loves
>the sound and esp. the looks.
>Gary Lewis 5kcst 5 speed 1.8 bar
>CQ In Process


Perhaps you're confusing '91 V8 with '90 V8? The "79" figure you mention
for 5 speeds seems to be about what I recall for the '91 V8, but not for
the '90s.


Phil Rose  Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q  pjrose@servtech.com