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HI everyone.  I have been reading the archives for several years.  This
is my first  post.  I thought that the excerpt below was interesting.

There has been some discussion of hydroplaning as related to tires.  The
following is taken from a letter to the editor of USAA magazine (United
Services Automobile Association), latest issue:

"Hydroplaning starts when two conditions are met: The speed of the car
is at least 9 times the square root of the tire pressure and the water
depth is greater than the tread depth of the tire.  The design of the
tread or the profile of the tire has little or nothing to do with
resisting hydroplaning.  And once hydroplaning has started, it can
persist well below the onset speed."

The writer also says that water is the real enemy and water near
freezing (such as pooling resulting from slush) is the worst enemy.

Gary Barry
1986 5000CST
1992 100CSQ