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SJM 1.8 bar WG Spring Installed

Good morning, Listers!

On Saturday, I received my 1.8 bar wg spring from Scott Mockry. It was
easy to install, and I almost lack words to describe the results.

Mind you, I've been running a QLCC chip with some fuel mods by David
Kavanuag for a while, and was very pleased with the performance, if
not by the whimsical and capricious nature of the ECU's ability to raise boost.

The addition of the spring has created a monster that scares me to death.

In first and second gear, I run out of revs way too soon. Seems like with
this much power, a different gearing is called for.

Third gear seems just right, and I can rocket past everything I've been
up against so far. Not many exotics around here to test with, though.

I-64 leaves the Louisville metro area as it cuts up and through a local
portion of the Illinois-Indiana-Ohio Knobstone Escarpment, or the Knobs, as
we usually say. I don't have any training or intuitive sense of how to measure
a grade, but most people take it at or below the speed limit (55mph). My 5kcstq
sailed up that hill at 120mph, and felt like it was working at it, but wasn't
out of breath yet.

I consistently see 1.8 bar on the crappy digital boost guage, leading me to
think I'm getting 1.9. I did not follow Scott's adjustment suggestions, wanting
to first see how it would do. I don't think it's overrunning badly, I just have
to be careful in first and second gears.

No signs of stress on my reinforced IC, and no aditional oil leaks other than
the slight one up front at the oil pump pressure relief valve (or the pump 
gasket itself).

I had some missing around 4500rpm which seems to have been plug wahr #5 
shorting to the breather tube. Thanks to Phil for de-lurking long enough
to post his experience with same.

Still, the onset and progression of power isn't very smooth. I'm wondering
what I might be able to do to smooth things out without giving up too much

I fixed some vaccum leaks, or so I thought: I seem to be hearing the turbo
squeal through a leak somewhere in the center console. Dang.

I think I'll bring my tools with me to Colorado Springs, in case any lister
might want to modify an ECU to add an EPROM socket. Guess I'd have to bring
the EPROM burner, too.

Anyway, feedback would be appreciated, and if any other interested parties
have questions about these mods, I'd be happy to answer as best I can.

-doug q
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)       [Call me "Doug"]
    QuattroClub USA# 4536     Audi International # 100024
       74 100LS Auto,     84 Coupe GT 
       77 100LS Auto,     86 5Kcstq QLCC 1.8bar  
"The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away."  -Tom Waits