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Re: Battery Cable Splice under dash, Whats cookin?

Scott Mo. wrote:
> This problem was mentioned before by another member on the list, but I
> thought I would bring it to everyones attention again due to safety
> concerns.
> On the 5000/100/200 Audis (ur-Quattro?), the main battery Positive cable
> is spliced under the dash with a welded connection  to a smaller size
> cable that is then routed out the firewall to the starter. This welded
> connection is underneath the right side dash behind the passenger foot
> well carpet.

Good reminder Scott! Also, I have seen the positive battery wire on a
4000 fwd rub through it's insulation and ground temporarily against the
motor causing the same symptoms described in "THE MOST BIZZARE QUATTRO
QUIRK YET!" post.