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Battery Cable Splice under dash, Whats cookin?

This problem was mentioned before by another member on the list, but I
thought I would bring it to everyones attention again due to safety

On the 5000/100/200 Audis (ur-Quattro?), the main battery Positive cable
is spliced under the dash with a welded connection  to a smaller size
cable that is then routed out the firewall to the starter. This welded
connection is underneath the right side dash behind the passenger foot
well carpet.

On my '88 5000TQ, I found the battery charging voltage was reading 13.4
Volts at the battery while at the jumper post under the hood and
alternator positive connection, the voltage was reading 13.9 volts with
the engine idling. The car was killing batteries over time and did not
turn over that quickly even with a fully charged battery. A friend
reminded me of this splice problem that we had discussed
previously....thanks John K.....

So I pulled back the r/front carpet on the '88 5000TQ to check out this
spliced battery cable connection. The battery cable splice is easily
found as there is heat shrink covering the splice just before the black
battery cable exits out the front firewall to the engine compartment.

 With the engine idling, the cable splice was too hot to touch! The
insulation tape on the other wiring harnesses that were laying against
this spliced cable section were burned completely off! 


After turning  the engine off and disconnecting the battery, I cut off
the heat shrink from this splice and found green corrosion where the
main cable from the battery was inserted into the splice coupler and
welded/crimped. I ended up replacing the battery cable from that point
out to the starter as it had corrosion too far up the cable to salvage.

It may be a good idea to check that splice connection with the engine
running to see if any other Audis are trying to set fire to

"Hey, I really like that foot warmer you installed on this side of the
car behind the carpet........."

Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ
1988 5000TQ (smokin no more)
1966 VW Beetle